Gluten-free lemon mousse


Fresh gluten-free lemon mousse.

Gluten-free lemon mousse

Preparation time 20 minutes (excluded rest in the refrigerator)

Ingredients for 6 people:

3 eggs

2 lemons

80 grams of sugar

6 grams of gelatin sheets

200ml of whipping cream

2 tablespoons of sugar for the cream



Soften the gelatin in cold water.


Squeeze the juice of 2 lemons and heat it in a pan, turn off the heat and add the squeezed gelatine, stir well until it’s completely dissolved; let cool.

Beat the yolks with the sugar. Add the lemon juice to the egg mixture and mix well.

In two separate vessels whip the cream (with 2 tablespoons of sugar) and the egg whites (with a pinch of salt), then mixing from the bottom up, incorporate both the cream and the egg whites to the egg.


Take six cups and raise the edges around putting the baking paper that protrudes 1 cm from the edge and fill it with mousse.Gluten-free lemon mousse

Chill for at least 4 hours before serving.

Gluten-free lemon mousse

Gluten-free lemon mousse


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