Woman’s Day Cakes gluten-free 5 recipes selected for you


Woman’s Day Cakes gluten-free 5 recipes selected for you – 

We are approaching March 8th and the Woman’s Day, so we thought to make a collection of recipes for this day.

In Italy, we make the Mimosa Cake, a typical cake of this period.
However, we haven’t found any gluten-free recipe in English for this cake, so we have chosen a classic recipe and we give you the variations to make it gluten-free.

Woman’s Day Cakes gluten-free

Mimosa cake
by Accademia Barilla

Woman's Day Cakes gluten-free

“In Italy men give yellow mimosas to women to celebrate Woman’s Day, March 8th, an occasion for men to express love to women – mothers, wives, girlfriends, daughters, colleagues. Our Chefs dedicate this sweet recipe to all women. Buon Appetito!” Recipe on the website: Mimosa  cake.

This recipe is with gluten, you can make it gluten-free simply replacing the all-purpose flour with a mix of gluten-free flour.

Mimosa gluten-free coffee cake
by FoodFaithFitness

Mimosa gluten-free coffee cake

“This gluten free coffee cake tastes like a strawberry mimosa and is perfect for Spring brunch! It’s so moist and tender that you’d never know it’s healthy!” Recipe on the website: Mimosa gluten-free coffee cake.

Gluten free Easter Cake Recipe
by Womanandhome

Gluten free Easter Cake Recipe

Recipe on the website: Gluten-free Easter Cake Recipe.

Flourless chocolate cake
by Jamie Oliver

Flourless chocolate cake

“Get your chocolate fix with this super-moreish flourless chocolate cake”. Recipe on the website: Flourless chocolate cake.

Gluten-free mimosa pie
by Vivere Senza Glutine

Gluten-free mimosa pie

Recipe on the website: Gluten-free mimosa pie.

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