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Vivere Senza Glutine discount card presentation


Vivere Senza Glutine discount card presentation –
The first card that will allow you to save money on your dinner, lunch, travel, or gluten-free shopping in all the structures participating in our circuit.

The Vivere Senza Glutine discount card is a digital card that will guarantee you access to our circuit of Facilities and Shops.

Many facilities have already decided to join the Vivere Senza Glutine Circuit and that, from the start, are able to guarantee, to all our cardholders, fantastic discounts for their purchasing

Vivere Senza Glutine discount card presentation

If you go, for example, to hotels, B&Bs, farmhouses, restaurants, pizzerias, pastry shops, ice-cream shops or bakeries members of the Vivere Senza Glutine Circuit, you could save several hundred Euros in a year!
Each structure of our circuit offers “customized” discounts up to 20% … it’s easy to understand the advantage of subscribing to your Vivere Senza Glutine Card.

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With a small contribution of only € 1/month you can take advantage of discounts and reductions in many facilities that offer gluten-free options throughout Italy (… and soon in Europe 🙂 ). The number of participating activities is constantly increasing and if there are still no activities in your city, stay in touch with us by subscribing to our Newsletter: you can find out about all the new weekly “entries“.

The low cost of the VSG Card will allow you to repay it from the first purchase you make, in one of the facilities (retail, but also e-commerce) indicated on the following pages:

Note: each facility offers different types of discounts, which you will find well specified in the pages mentioned above, under “Terms“.

Vivere Senza Glutine CircuitVivere Senza Glutine CircuitVivere Senza Glutine Circuit

Subscribe now

You can get discounts in the facilities participating in the Vivere Senza Glutine Circuit, simply by using your mobile phone (or any other device that has an active internet connection): by connecting to Vivere Senza Glutine and clicking on the link to your Card, this will automatically be shown in the foreground and you will simply show it to the manager of the structure, before requesting the bill, to get the discount reserved to you.


If you want to get a more detailed idea of what you could save in a year, we have some examples that can show you how signing up to our Card can lead to a “guaranteed saving“.

We invite you to take a look at our rules and regulations as well, to fully understand how our Card will work and the advantages that our Card can guarantee you…


Do you have a favorite restaurant or shop that offers gluten-free options and would like it to join our circuit, so you can get discounts on your purchases?
Suggest to your local shopkeeper, restaurateur or pizzeria to become part of the Vivere Senza Glutine Circuit. There are no membership fees and, he too can benefit from it: put him in touch with our staff simply by informing and letting him know our e-mail address staff@viveresenzaglutine.com, or by printing and delivering our brochure:

Scarica la nostra Brochure

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