Vipsmart with gluten-free menu in Tenerife – Video


Vipsmart with gluten-free menu in Tenerife – 

The fast-food chain “Vips“, with restaurants throughout Spain, offers a gluten-free menu with dishes both sweet and savory.

Vipsmart with gluten-free menu in Tenerife

They have two types of restaurant, nonetheless very similar, Vip and Vipsmart.

Vips Smart – Siam Mall

I have been to Vipsmart of Tenerife in the “Siam Mall” Shopping Centre in the south of the island.

Vips official website

Vips – gluten-free menu

Vipsmart – gluten-free menu

Allowed foods

The shopping center is newly built, very beautiful, and the places where to eat are many, new and well kept.


Not all Vips restaurants in Spain have all gluten-free dishes presented on the website.

In the one where I was, there were 4 savory and 2 sweet dishes. In addition, that night, the sandwiches weren’t available.

The restaurant is simple and nice, with the tables outside, under large umbrellas.

Vipsmart with gluten-free menu in Tenerife

You order and pay at the counter, then you can sit at a table. The dishes are ready to be picked up when the device, that they give you, rings. You can take immediately the drinks.

We ordered a plate of nachos and two hamburgers with fries.

The nachos were accompanied with a cheese sauce, really good.

Vipsmart with gluten-free menu in Tenerife

Hamburgers, with bacon and french fries, were very good, although the fries were cold because we ate the nachos before. If you plan to eat more things better order them one at a time because it’s all delivered simultaneously.

The gluten-free bread is great, both consistency and flavor.

Vipsmart with gluten-free menu in Tenerife

For these three dishes, plus a coke on tap (with free refill) and a half-liter bottle of water, we paid € 26.55.


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