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Taberna El Cambullón – Restaurant with gluten-free menu in Tenerife


Taberna El Cambullón – Restaurant with gluten-free menu in Tenerife – 

Restaurant in the center of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, with outdoor seating in a tree-lined main street, which features a good selection of gluten-free dishes.

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Taberna El Cambullón

Restaurant with gluten-free menu

Taberna El Cambullón

Address: Calle Bethencourt Alfonso, 2, 38002 Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spagna – Phone: 922 27 02 50


Hours: open daily from 9 (in the morning) to 12:30 (in the night)

The restaurant is in a nice central street, with many locals and shops. The restaurant has the most tables outside under tents and umbrellas, cute and well maintained.

Taberna El Cambullón

In the menu, you can find all the allergens. Communicate that you have celiac disease to the waitress that can manage properly your gluten-free dishes and she’ll bring you some gluten-free bread.

The bread is brought warm in a paper bag labeled “sin gluten” (gluten-free) and it’s good.

As a starter we took two servings of potatoes: “papas bravas” (roasted potatoes topped with a very spicy sauce), and baked potatoes with cheese and Spanish ham, both dishes very good, especially the one with spicy sauce.

Taberna El Cambullón - Ristorante con menù senza glutine a Tenerife

After we took grilled meat (served with grilled vegetables and fries), not beautiful to see, but it was tender and tasty.

For dessert a “quesillo Canario” that looks like a creme caramel, but is made with condensed milk and cheese, very good.

Taberna El Cambullón - Ristorante con menù senza glutine a Tenerife

With all of this, plus three small bottles of water, we spent € 36.66.

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NOTICE – The features of the facilities we report in our articles may vary from what our experience was like: change of management, closure, or other circumstances. In this case, they may no longer be able to provide (totally or partially) gluten-free foods, so we advise you to ask them in advance.

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