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Starbene Senza Glutine Bakery – 

Starbene Senza Glutine (feeling well gluten-free) was born in 2004 and, over the years, has become a chain with several outlets in Tuscany, Emilia Romagna, Marche, and Piedmont.

Starbene Senza Glutine Bakery

They are completely gluten-free bakeries and have an excellent quality, both in sweet and salty products. The beignets are really fabulous, in all flavors (I love the classics with custard and the pistachio ones); delicious assorted cookies and various cakes and stuffed cakes: “torta della nonna” (grandma cake), “torta del nonno” (grandpa cake), the ones with custard and fruit, Nutella, profiterole etc.. I also tasted the “pesche dolci” (sweet peaches), not bad, but a little dry.

Starbene Senza Glutine Bakery

You can’t miss the “focaccia di grano saraceno” (buckwheat focaccia), the best gluten-free focaccia I’ve ever eaten. You can eat without heating it and it’s delicious.

Pizzas, small pizzas, and focaccia are very good. They can be eaten cold, but heated a few minutes in the oven, are even better. I also like the stuffed pastry pies (best warm them, but are also fine cold).

The bread is good, it isn’t like the bread with gluten, but it is a good substitute.

They make birthday cakes and receptions catering. In various festivities, they prepare sweets of the period (“pandori”, “colombe”, “chiacchiere” and much more). Also have a new line of fresh homemade pasta and ice cream, which I haven’t tasted yet.

Moreover, in all Starbene bakeries, are sold gluten-free packaged products from the best brands.

I have only been on the Florence stores. I recommend going in the morning (unless you have booked what you need) because, already at the end of the morning, the choice is limited, especially in smaller shops.

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