Puglia Bakery & Bistrot Milan – Video


Puglia Bakery & Bistrot Milan

An excellent bistro in Milan where you can have all the menu as gluten-free.

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Puglia Bakery & Bistrot Milan


Address: Via Ercole Oldofredi, 25, 20124 Milano – Phone: 02 3674 6132


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Puglia Bakery & Bistrot Milan

A very nice little restaurant with excellent cuisine, with the possibility of having all the menu as gluten-free.

Puglia Bakery & Bistrot Milan

Click on the photos of the menu to enlarge them:

We took:

–  Maltagliati pasta with tomato and Cacioricotta cheese

–  “stracciatella di burrata” (a typical cheese of Puglia),

–  eggplant parmigiana rolls

–  soft potato pizza (a sort of omelet)

–  potato and leek soup

–  Barese focaccia with zucchini, cherry tomatoes and stracciatella cheese.

All delicious, especially the parmigiana of eggplant and maltagliati pasta. We took a lot of things to try, but for a full meal the focaccia is more than enough (it was really huge), in fact we couldn’t eat anymore, not even a dessert (they had 6 desserts all gluten-free).

In all, plus a bottle of water, we spent € 35.00


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