Planet Hollywood gluten-free: restaurant with a gluten-free menu in Disney Village Paris


Planet Hollywood gluten-free – 

Planet Hollywood is the only restaurant in the amusement park Disneyland Paris offering a gluten-free menu with “real” food.

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Planet Hollywood gluten-free

Planet Hollywood senza glutine - Disney Village

Address: 5 Disney Village, 77700 Chessy, France (Disney Village) – Phone: +33 1 60 43 78 27

Official website 

Hours: Every day from 11.30 to midnight.

Planet Hollywood gluten-free restaurant

This restaurant is within Disney Village, which is the area just before entering the two Disneyland parks, created especially for nightlife, with various restaurants, shops, and bars. At Disney Village, you can access without purchasing a Disneyland’s ticket.

Planet Hollywood gluten-free restaurant

Planet Hollywood is a chain of restaurants dedicated to the world of Hollywood and movie stars, with movie posters hanging on the walls and reconstructions of details of famous movie sets.

They have a good selection of gluten-free dishes including burgers, pizza, and pasta, which can be picked up by a special gluten-free menu.

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Planet Hollywood menù senza glutine Planet Hollywood menù senza glutine Planet Hollywood menù senza glutine

We took:

  • a spicy shrimp appetizer with a lemon flavored mustard, really delicious

Planet Hollywood with gluten-free menu

  • a chicken burger with cheese, bacon and BBQ sauce, very good, both as stuffed and as bread.

Planet Hollywood with gluten-free menu

With these two courses, plus a “gluten” burger, a coke and water we spent € 60.00.

We ate well, always considering it’s a fast-food restaurant; the place is nice, very particular with movie posters, reconstructions, and references to the myths of Hollywood. It’s also the only restaurant in Disneyland Paris that offers a gluten-free menu of “real food”, not Natama microwave heated meals.

Vivere Senza Glutine – Liberi di viaggiare

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