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Eat “out of home” for a celiac is not a trivial matter; although you go into a place that offers gluten-free and recommending to the waiting staff or the cooks, you could still not be 100% sure and then feel sick. Worse abroad, where perhaps you don’t know the language and the food.

In the United States, in mid-2016, have been released a portable device that will allow an immediate food test to see if contains gluten:

Nima Sensor gluten-tester

Nima Sensor

Nima Sensor gluten-tester

In the United States, a product can be considered gluten-free if it has less than 20 ppm (20 parts per million) of gluten, so this device detects the presence of gluten exceeding this limit.

It’s sufficient to introduce a small amount of food (or drink) in the disposable capsule and, in about 2 minutes, the device will tell if the food contains more than 20ppm (with a sad face) or less (with a smiley face) of gluten.


You can connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone (iPhone as Android) and then load the testing done, that will be visible to all owners of the device, so you can see the test of others and always find the safest places where to eat.


The battery lasts for about 20 tests. It can analyze both solid and liquid foods and the accuracy of the test is about 99.5%.

The idea of the company is to develop this device for all kinds of allergens (I would say therefore essential for the most dangerous allergies such as those to nuts); the test output for the nuts and dairy products will be in 2017. 

The cost of Nima is of $ 249 (with 3 capsules supplied) or $ 297 (with 12 capsules supplied), plus shipping charges.

Subsequently the capsules (which are disposable and therefore not reusable) can be bought in packs of 12 at $ 59.95 (plus shipping charges) or by subscription, always in packs of 12 at a cost of $ 47.95 (plus shipping charges), shipping every 2 weeks, or every month, or every two months. It is now on pre-order at $ 199 and $ 247.

At the moment it is only sold through their website and sent in the US alone. They also search an international distribution (definitely everything will depend on the success that it will have in the US).

This device seems really helpful (a lifesaver for some types of allergies) and I’m really curious to read the first reviews of the buyers.

Video of the company:


The company has also a Youtube channel about Nima.


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