McDonald’s gluten-free in Italy: which are the gluten-free options in Italian McDonald’s


McDonald’s gluten-free in Italy –

McDonald’s in Italy offers gluten-free options: in this article, we share our experience and our opinions.

McDonald’s gluten-free in Italy: which are the gluten-free options in Italian McDonald’s

McDonald's gluten-free in Italy

McDonald’s Italia website

The choice of gluten-free products offered by McDonald’s Italy is unfortunately limited to just one hamburger. The hamburger is filled with a double slice of meat and two slices of cheese (cheddar type), all within Schär’s bread.

The hamburger is sealed and is heated and delivered to the customer still packed, so at the level of cross-contamination there is no risk.

McDonald's gluten-free in Italy

The reviews about this hamburger are quite contrasting, first of all, because it’s not always warmed up properly and that varies widely from place to place.
In addition, the meat in the gluten-free bun is precooked and subsequently heated by microwave … and sincerely it’s not the maximum, neither as taste nor as consistency.

For sauces, as usual, check the word “gluten free” on the package.

McDonald’s gluten-free in Italy – Can we eat the French fries?

French fries are a “sore point” of constant doubt. The fries are gluten-free, but McDonald’s does not guarantee the lack of contamination, so choosing whether to eat or not may vary depending on the various situations.
So ask, before ordering them, how they are prepared, “managed” and whether there is a risk of cross-contamination: in this regard, we can say that there are several stores that guarantee good fries management, others no, it’s always up to the personal choice whether to “trust” it or not.

McDonald’s gluten-free in Italy – The ice-cream is gluten-free?

The basic ice cream is gluten-free, but there is the risk of possible cross-contamination during processing and administration.

McDonald’s gluten-free in Italy – Can we have the gluten-free Happy Meal?

As for the Happy Meal for kids, you can have it with a gluten-free burger, paying the difference, but not all outlets offer this option. Always remember that French fries may be at risk of cross-contamination, so ask for more information at the restaurants.

McDonald’s gluten-free in Italy – Our experience

I tasted the McDonald’s hamburger in the mall “I Gigli“, near Firenze.

I found it “edible” but I can not say I’ll buy it another time. I have to say that in my case the hamburger was cold, the meat was just lukewarm and the cheese did not melt, so this definitely did not “help” 🙁

McDonald's gluten-free hamburger

The cheese and the meat inside are not bad, but the fact that my burger had not been sufficiently heated did not surely “exalt the taste”.

The hamburger bread by Schär isn’t bad, it isn’t great and the consistency is a bit “gummy”, but the flavor is discreet; sometimes I also take it to make my burgers at home. If warmed well in the oven (at least for 15 minutes at 180°C) and stuffed with good meat and seasoning, I like it.

The cost of gluten-free hamburger is € 3,00.

In conclusion, in my opinion, it’s positive that we have this gluten-free option. Moreover, behind this possibility, there is also an important aspect to consider, which is that of “socialization“, especially among teenagers and children.
Personally, it’s a meal I don’t like that much: if I have to eat “junk food“, which certainly is not the best from a point of view of a “healthy and balanced diet”, I just prefer to do it if I really like it. 😉

And you, what do you think of this gluten-free offer by McDonald’s Italy?
Give us your opinion, writing a comment below!

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  1. Faith ·

    Five in my family are gluten free. We had this gf cheese burger in milan. I would like to see them in new zealand. We are ok with cross contamination risk the fact that some say its not heated enough, our were perfect. To avoid this just takes for the use of a timer for continuity

      • Rebecca ·

        Was disappointed compared with the other gluten-free options in other European countries like Portugal and Finland, where you can have a gluten-free Big Mac and other cheeseburgers. These were super tasty and I didn’t get sick. Was disappointed to see this in Italy compared with how good Italy is in general for Celiacs, and how McDonalds in a few other EU countries are more varied for GF. But still happy to see they have a GF option.

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