Christmas decoration: marshmallow cups of chocolate gluten-free


Tazze di cioccolata di marshmallow senza glutine – 

A really nice decoration, fast and with few ingredients.
You can find the video-recipe at the bottom of the page 🙂

Christmas decoration
Marshmallow cups of chocolate gluten-free

Preparation time 15-20 minutes

gluten-free white marshmallows
gluten-free biscuits
gluten-free dark chocolate
gluten-free icing sugar
gluten-free sprinkles of various shapes and colours

marshmallow cups of chocolate gluten-free

First decorate the biscuits that will be the plates of the cups: with a toothpick put small drops of icing (made with icing sugar and a few drops of water). Place one sprinkle on each drop of icing.

After the cup: take a marshmallow and cut 1/3 and then again in half to form the handle of the cup.

Put a little frosting on the straight side of the handle and attach it to another whole marshmallow.

Then decorate the cup fixing the sprinkles with a drop of icing.

Finally, put a little icing in the center of the biscuit to fix the cup.

Melt the chocolate and, with a toothpick, put it on top of the cup.

The cups can be left like this or you can add some little marshmallows: from a piece of a marshmallow get 5 or 6 pieces and then with the help of two toothpicks place them on the chocolate.

Your marshmallow cups of chocolate gluten-free are ready!

marshmallow cups of chocolate gluten-free

I’ll leave you to the video recipe:

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