Loose snowmen on gluten-free shortbread cookies


Loose snowmen on gluten-free shortbread cookies

A nice decoration easy to make for yours and your children’s Christmas!
You can find the video-recipe at the bottom of the page 🙂

Christmas decoration

Loose snowmen on gluten-free shortbread cookies

Preparation time 40 minutes (excluding the shortcrust pastry resting in the fridge)

gluten-free shortcrust pastry cookies (here the recipe for shortcrust pastry to be prepared without the yeast)
gluten-free icing sugar
gluten-free food colours (blue, yellow and red)
gluten-free dark chocolate
gluten-free marshmallows

Pupazzi di neve sciolti su biscotti di pastafrolla senza glutine

Made the gluten-free shortbread biscuits (here is the recipe to be made without the baking powder so that the biscuits remain flat) and let them cool.

Prepare some icing with icing sugar and a little water. Put the icing with a teaspoon in the center of the biscuit and with a toothpick spread it out like a stain.

Take a marshmallow, cut off 1/3 and put it on the cookie, on one side, over the frosting so that it sticks and let it dry.

Colour the icing with gluten-free food coloring: first with the orange (or a drop of red and two of yellow) and with a toothpick draw the carrot. On some biscuits draw it on the marshmallow, on others on the icing, so as to give the idea of snowmen at different levels of “melting”.

Coloring another frosting of blue and let’s make to some a bow tie and to others a scarf. Then add some yellow colouring to the blue to make the green and draw other bow ties and/or scarves, same thing with the orange frosting. To the scarves also make stripes in contrasting colors.

Melt some chocolate and draw the eyes and smile of the puppet with a toothpick (the smile is made up of 5 dots).

Always with melted chocolate, draw the arms’ woods and the buttons. We always position everything giving the idea that the snoeman is melting, both on the face and on the body.

Let it dry and Happy Holidays!

Pupazzi di neve sciolti su biscotti di pastafrolla senza glutine

I’ll leave you to the video recipe:

Rudolph the reindeer gluten-free cookies

Gingerbread men gluten-free

Gluten-free marshmallow snowmen

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