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Jansana gluten-free bakery in Barcelona


Jansana gluten-free bakery in Barcelona – 

Great bakery completely gluten-free in Barcelona.

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Jansana gluten-free bakery


Jansana gluten-free bakery

Address: Carrer Balmes, 106 – 08008 Barcelona – Phone: 931 70 07 14

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Jansana gluten-free bakery

This bakery is very nice and well maintained, with a lounge where to eat. They have a good selection of sweet and savory products.

We bought some cakes and some rolls.

Jansana gluten-free bakery

The bread is really delicious, we bought the regular one and others with pumpkin seeds, olives, onion and lentils, all excellent except the one with lentils.

The chocolate brownie was yummy, while the two cakes rolled up were nothing special, quite tasteless. The clerk told me that they are called “Ensaimada – Mallorca Sweets” (pasteles de Mallorca) and they are similar to donuts cooked in the oven.

Finally, the chocolate and hazelnuts pastry was good, but for my taste too “rich”, with a chocolate too buttery.

There were all kinds of sweets, stuffed sandwiches and other savory preparations, which I haven’t tasted, but they looked very good.

In all, we spent € 14.80.

Gluten-free bakeries in Barcelona

Gluten-free bakeries in Barcelona

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