Grom gluten-free ice-cream parlors – Video


Grom gluten-free ice-cream parlors – 

The chain of ice-cream parlors “Grom” was born in Turin in 2003, and then spread throughout Italy and abroad.

Their ice cream is completely gluten-free, including cones, and is characterized by the absence of artificial flavors and a minimum use of additives; there are no vegetable fats and oils.

Grom gluten-free ice-cream parlors

The decor of the ice-cream parlors is simple and cozy, usually with the front of the counter made of wood and walls covered with wood paneling or painted with a light color; the flavors are stored in containers covered with a lid that recalls the old ice cream shops.
Grom gluten-free ice-cream parlours

The flavors that can be found in every ice-cream parlor vary from time to time, depending on the season and availability.

Ice-cream parlors



CREMA COME UNA VOLTA (CREAM AS ONCE) with egg yolk and lemon zest

COFFEE with Guatemala coffee

CREAM OF GROM with cornmeal paste and chocolate chips Ecuador “Arriba”

FIORDILATTE with fresh cream

YOGURT with whole fresh yogurt

STRACCIATELLA with chocolate chips Colombia “Teyuna” (6mm)

PISTACHIO with pistachio “Perfect Green” and “Mawardi”

NOCCIOLA hazelnut “Tonda Gentile”

CHOCOLATE EXTRANOIR (SORBET) chocolate and chocolate chips Ecuador “Arriba”

CHOCOLATE chocolate Peru “Apurimac”

TORRONCINO with hazelnut nougat

BACIO with chopped hazelnuts “Tonda Gentile” and chocolate Peru “Apurimac”

SPECIAL FLAVORS (there aren’t always all)

MANDORLATO almond ice cream with praline almond kernels

COCONUT (with cow’s milk) coconut meat

WALNUT with Sorrento walnuts

SICILIAN CASSATA with ricotta, chopped almonds and candied lemon, orange, and lime



LEMON with “Limone di Siracusa Igp”

STRAWBERRY with strawberry pulp

PINK GRAPEFRUIT with pink grapefruit juice

and many others


LEMON with “Siracusa’s lemon Igp”

PINK GRAPEFRUIT pink grapefruit juice

STRAWBERRY with strawberry pulp

And every month there is the FLAVOR OF THE MONTH.

They also make smoothies, granitas, hot chocolate, and cookies.

I like this ice cream, of course, many artisan ice creams are definitely better, but it’s a good ice cream, moreover if we consider the total gluten-free tranquility of these ice-cream parlors.

The cone is great, nice crisp and tastes good, though for me it’s a little too sweet.


The last time I have been there I took a medium sized cone at € 3.50, with the flavor of the month (milk and pistachio) and coffee. The coffee was delicious, a little bitter, with the taste of real coffee and also the other flavor was good, pretty much a vanilla with small pieces of their pistachio cookies.


I love their “Salted Caramel”, which unfortunately there isn’t always and all chocolate flavors are good; a little less the various creams that I find little tasty. I have never tasted the fruit flavors.

Grom gluten-free ice-cream parlors

Also, their gluten-free cookies are really good, sold in packages of 200 g at the price of € 6.00 or in small packages (3-4 biscuits each one) at a cost of € 0.60.

My favorites are “Biscotti di meliga” cookies.

They also sell coffee beans, hazelnuts, candied orange and black cherries covered with chocolate at € 2.20 per pack (50 g).


Video (filmed in Florence’s store):


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