Gluten-free strawberry tiramisu


Gluten-free strawberry tiramisu – 

A fresh and summery version of the classic tiramisu.

Gluten-free strawberry tiramisu

Preparation time 30 minutes (excluded rest in the refrigerator for 2 hours)

Ingredients for 10 persons:

250 grams of mascarpone cheese

200 ml of whipping cream

100 grams of vanilla sugar (*)

2 tablespoons of sugar (for the whipping cream)

1 tablespoon of sugar (for the strawberry puree)

3 egg yolks

200 grams of gluten-free ladyfingers

600 grams of strawberries

(*) store the white sugar in a jar containing a vanilla bean


Mount the egg yolks with half the sugar and, when they are well mounted, cook them for 10 minutes in a double boiler, over low heat. Let it cool.

Mount the mascarpone cheese with the remaining sugar and add to the eggs.

Whip the cream and add to the mix of egg and mascarpone, stirring from the bottom up gently. Put in the fridge.


Set aside 200 grams of strawberries. Cut the remains in pieces and blend them with a tablespoon of sugar. Add half a glass of Alchermes to the puree.


Soak the ladyfingers in the strawberry puree.

In a tray, make a layer of ladyfingers, then a layer with half the cream, then half of the strawberries put aside and cut into small pieces, and then cover with the remaining cream. Decorate with the remaining strawberries.


Refrigerate at least two hours before serving.

Gluten-free strawberry tiramisu

You can also prepare pretty single-portion cups.

Gluten-free strawberry tiramisu


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