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Gluten-free savory puffs with cheese and ham


Gluten-free savory puffs with cheese and ham – 

The other day I have made some cream puffs with custard, but I have held aside some of them for this very good appetizer. If you buy the empty gluten-free puffs, instead of making them, it becomes a very fast appetizer.

Gluten-free savory puffs with cheese and ham

Preparation time 1 hour

Ingredients for 6 puffs:

6 empty puffs (here the recipe)

70 g of pecorino (ewe’s cheese) or other cheese of your choice

50 g of ham


Prepare the puffs (here the recipe) and make them cool completely. Open them, cutting the tall part.

Make the cheese into slices and put it on a baking pan with a dusting of pepper and bake at 180°C for 5 minutes (up to that cheese will slightly melt).

Put the warm cheese in the puffs.

In the meantime make to brown the ham, cut to bits, few minutes in frying pan, and put it above the cheese.


Close them and serve immediately.

Gluten-free savory puffs with cheese and ham


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