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Gluten-free Restaurant La Casa del Parmigiano – Lanzarote – Video


Gluten-free Restaurant La Casa del Parmigiano – 

The restaurant “La Casa del Parmigiano” in Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote, is a good restaurant where to eat gluten-free safely.

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Gluten-free Restaurant La Casa del Parmigiano


La Casa del Parmigiano

Address: C/ Alegranza nº 1, Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote – Phone: 928 51 27 31 – info@lacasadelparmigiano.es

Hours: every day  1pm-11:30pm

Official website

Gluten-free Menu: on-line is only in German, but in the restaurant, there’s also in Spanish and in English.

Gluten-free Restaurant La Casa del Parmigiano – Lanzarote

The restaurant is inside a very nice sports center and you can access it from there or from the main road.

Gluten-free Restaurant La Casa del Parmigiano – Lanzarote

They have a gluten-free menu in collaboration with Schär, this definitely brings added security from the point of view of knowledge, for both kitchen staff and waiters, of the problem of celiac disease and cross contamination, however, all the gluten-free served is packaged. For example, pizza or focaccia are not made by the chef, but directly taking the Schär pizza crust, seasoned depending on the recipe.

As an appetizer, we ordered a focaccia with oil and a mixture of garlic and spices. The focaccia was a ready pizza crust, cooked in the oven, then seasoned, and in the end, the result was very pleasing.  I had never tested this pizza crust and I must say that it’s good.
Gluten-free Restaurant La Casa del Parmigiano – Lanzarote

Then spaghetti with seafood, they weren’t enough salted, so little tasty and the spaghetti were all split into small pieces, I don’t know if it’s a way they serve them in the island, anyway not very attractive to Italians 🙂 Not bad, but nothing special.

After we took a skewer of beef fillet with spicy sauce, served with fries and grilled vegetables, all great.
Gluten-free Restaurant La Casa del Parmigiano – Lanzarote

As the gluten-free dessert, we had vanilla ice cream, lemon sorbet, and a chocolate or apricot muffin. The muffin was a packaged one, however, they served it warm, with vanilla ice cream and an orange slice, with whipped cream and strawberries. Then, although it isn’t very good serve as dessert a snack packed, there was a commitment to serve it in a more appealing way.
Gluten-free Restaurant La Casa del Parmigiano – Lanzarote

They also serve gluten-free pizza.

When I go eat at a restaurant definitely I prefer pizza and desserts made by kitchen staff, on the other hand I’m glad to be able to eat safe and, in any case, the dishes served were all good and I was satisfied. Considering that the supply of gluten-free meals, in a small island like Lanzarote, is certainly limited, it’s already a good thing that there’s a restaurant like that.

Furthermore, the restaurant was very nice and the staff friendly.

Gluten-free Restaurant La Casa del Parmigiano – Lanzarote

With a bottle of still water, an appetizer, 2 pasta dishes, a main course and a dessert, we spent € 65.00 (including tip).casaparmigianoscontrino


AVVISO  Le caratteristiche dei locali che riportiamo nei nostri articoli possono subire variazioni rispetto a quella che è stata la nostra esperienza: causa cambio di gestione, chiusura o altre circostanze. In tal caso potrebbero non essere più in grado di fornire (totalmente o parzialmente) pietanze senza glutine, quindi vi consigliamo di informarvi preventivamente presso il locale stesso.

All gluten-free in Lanzarote

All gluten-free in Lanzarote

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