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Gluten-free McDonald’s in Spain – Video


Gluten-free McDonald’s in Spain – 

All McDonald’s in Spain offer the possibility to have the burger with gluten-free bread, without additional costs.

Gluten-free McDonald’s in Spain

The types of burgers that you can choose are many: the simple one, the hamburguesa (hamburger in Spanish) with meat, onion, cucumber, and ketchup, the hamburguesa con queso (cheeseburger), the McRoyal Deluxe, and BicMac McBecon.
Gluten-free McDonald’s in Spain

Also guaranteed gluten-free are the standard french fries and the Deluxe ones, the Ensalada de la Huerta (salad of the garden) and Gazpacho Alvalle, various sauces and ice cream. As always specify that you have celiac disease and make sure that what you ordered is really gluten-free.

The burger comes in a very different box from the one with gluten and well marked.


The bread is good, soft, with a slightly sweet aftertaste, but still enjoyable.



Gluten-free McDonald’s in Spain

I have been to a McDonald of Marbella (the one in the shopping center La Cañada):



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