Christmas Decoration: gluten-free marshmallow snowmen


Christmas Decoration: gluten-free marshmallow snowmen – 

A fast Christmas decoration with few ingredients, very nice to make for and with children.
You can find the video-recipe at the bottom of the page 🙂

Christmas Decoration
Gluten-free marshmallow snowmen

Preparation time 10 minutes

wooden sticks
white gluten-free marshmallows (3 per stick)
gluten-free dark chocolate
gluten-free icing sugar
red and yellow (or orange) gluten-free colors

gluten-free christmas decoration

Place 3 marshmallows in each stick. Melt a little chocolate and draw the eyes and smile (consisting of 5 dots) with a toothpick. Again with the chocolate draw the wooden sticks that represent the arms (a long line and 3 shorter for the hands).

Make a little icing with icing sugar and a little water and then color it with the liquid coloring (1 drop of red and 2 or 3 of yellow to make orange): adjust sugar or water to achieve the desired consistency.

Draw the carrot-nose with a toothpick.

Gluten-free marshmallow snowmen

You can arrange your snowmen in colored glasses: a fast and easy treat that your children will love 🙂

Here the video-recipe:


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