Gluten-free Halloween recipes: fast and easy Frankenstein monsters with video recipe


Gluten-free Halloween recipes: fast and easy Frankenstein monsters – 

The recipes we propose for Halloween are very easy and fast to make, to do with and for your children. All recipes are without cooking and without special utensils, affordable for everyone, perfect for your Halloween theme parties.

Gluten-free Halloween recipes 

Gluten-free fast and easy Frankenstein monsters

Gluten-free Frankenstein monsters

Preparation time 30 minutes (excluding the rest of 2-3 hours to solidify the icing):
6-7 tablespoons of icing sugar
colored sugar sprinkles
liquid dye blue and yellow (or green)
10 gr of dark chocolate
chocolate covered biscuits or bars (I used Chocolix by Schär)

Make the icing with icing sugar: put 5 tablespoons of icing sugar in a bowl and add 3 drops of yellow coloring and 3 drops of blue to get the green (of course if you have the green color is even faster).

Add the water, one teaspoon at a time, until the desired consistency. If you put too much water you can safely add more sugar and other colors. This quantity is sufficient for about 10 monsters.

For this recipe, I used Schär’s Chocolix (biscuits with toffee on top and covered with chocolate) but it’s fine any biscuit or bar of your taste covered with chocolate, always elongated in shape.

–> If you like to do everything at home you can prepare simple shortcrust pastry cookies: cover them completely with chocolate, wait for the chocolate to solidify and continue with the recipe!

Dive one part of the bar in the green icing, then pass the top and back of the head on the colored sprinkles.
The frosting tends to drip a bit, then re-adjust the shape of the head with a toothpick and other sprinkles. Let the icing solidify a little (about 30 minutes).

To make the eyes I used other icing sugar with water and melted dark chocolate: with a toothpick make the eyes with the white icing and then the pupils with the chocolate. With the white icing make the crooked mouth and with the chocolate the scars on the face: a long line and two shorter perpendiculars.

An extra tip: if like me you have warm hands, better to wear disposable gloves because the chocolate coating of the biscuit melts a bit while handling them and you risk leaving fingerprints on the biscuits… as I did 😉

Let it solidify for a few hours and your monsters are ready! Have fun!

Frankenstein monsters

Here the video recipe:

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