Gluten-free Halloween recipes: cute, quick and easy mummies with video recipe


Gluten-free Halloween recipes: cute, quick and easy mummies – 

Recipe very easy and fast to prepare, without cooking and without special utensils, affordable for everyone, perfect for your Halloween theme parties.

Gluten-free Halloween recipes

cute, quick and easy mummies

Preparation time 30 minutes (excluding the rest of 4 hours to solidify the chocolate):
200 g of white chocolate
1 tablespoon of icing sugar
10 g of dark chocolate
wafers or biscuits (I used cocoa wafers by Schär)

Gluten-free Halloween recipes: cute mummies

Melt 170 g of white chocolate and use it to completely cover the wafers.

For this recipe, I used Schär’s cocoa wafers, but any biscuit or bar of your choice, always elongated in shape, are fine. If you use the biscuits, you can double them by filling them with chocolate or strawberry jam.
–> If you like to do everything at home you can prepare simple shortcrust pastry cookies.

Wait about half an hour to make the chocolate solidify a bit and then draw the eyes: I made a sugar frosting with icing sugar and water, to do the white part of the eye and I melted a little dark chocolate for the pupils. To make them I used a simple toothpick… don’t worry about being precise, the eyes are much nicer if they are of different shapes and a bit crooked!

Leave to solidify for a few minutes and then we move on to the bandages, melting the remaining chocolate.

You can do it with two techniques: you can simply use a fork and pour the chocolate in a zigzag motion or you can take a fridge bag, cut it along the diagonal to form a triangle, fill it with chocolate and cut the tip (start by cutting a corner as small as possible, you’re always in time to enlarge it!)

With this improvised sac à poche, you can make the bandages of the mummy. I prefer this second technique because the bandages are bigger and nicer to see.

Let it solidify for 5-6 hours at room temperature or 1 hour in the fridge and your mummies are ready!

Gluten Free Halloween Mummies Recipe


Here the video recipe:


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