Gluten-free fresh pasta


Gluten-free fresh pasta – 

The traditional ‘pasta all’uovo’ (fresh pasta) for stuffed pasta such as tortellini, ravioli, etc., or simple noodles!

Gluten-free fresh pasta

Preparation time 1 hour

Ingredients for 3-4 people:

250 g of gluten-free flour (I used the BiAglut flour)

2 eggs

1 glass of still water

3 spoons of olive oil



Beat with a fork the eggs with some salt, then add water and oil and mix.


Put everything in the sifted flour disposed to fountain and mix well. Leave to rest the pasta for about 15 minutes in a clean cloth.

Stretch the pasta 3-4 times refolding it on himself for 3 times. Cut it according to the recipe you want.

Make to rest the pasta for at least 30 minutes.

Ravioli with ricotta, walnuts and pine nuts

gluten-free fresh pasta


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