Gluten-free cookies – Sabrina Pane & Dolci


Gluten-free cookies – Sabrina Pane & Dolci – 

Review of gluten-free cookies by Sabrina Pane & Dolci (Sabrina Bread & Cakes) Workshop (Italian brand).

Gluten-free cookies

Sabrina Pane & Dolci

The workshop Sabrina, Ponte a Egola (PI), produces only gluten-free products. I tasted only their biscuits and those with almond paste, but they produce many other types of cakes, bread, pizza, focaccia and more. Here the list of all their gluten-free products and the on-line shop.

ADVICE: Below I report the prices at whom I bought the products, but these can vary depending on the place of sale.

Flowers White Chocolate

I tasted several cookies of this company and they tend to be all pretty dry and, although I prefer softer cookies, are still good and I like them.

These with white chocolate are very good, the cream inside isn’t soft, it’s white chocolate solidified, which goes well with the biscuit, both for consistency and taste. Although there is white chocolate in them, they aren’t too sweet.

Allergens: they contain butter, milk, eggs and soy.

Gluten-free cookies - Sabrina

Price: € 8.50 per 200 g (10 cookies) – € 6,70 on-line

Gluten-free cookies - Sabrina


Strawberry flowers

Like the previous ones these are very good and, thanks to the jam, the sweet is even more balanced.

Allergens: they contain butter and eggs.

Price: € 8.50 per 200 g (10 cookies) – € 6,70 on-line



Shortbread Chocolate

Delicious, my favorite among those of this company, simple and with a delicate taste.

Allergens: they contain butter, eggs, and soy.

Price: € 8.50 per 200 g (15 cookies) – € 6,70 on-line


Gluten-free cookies - Sabrina

Nutritional information per 100 g:

Energy value – 422 kcal

Carbohydrates – 65.24 g

Fat – 16.24 g

Protein – 3.7 g


In addition to the cookies listed above, I have tasted many other biscuits (with decorations and different fillings, in the same style) all good, including those with almond paste.


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