Gluten-free colored sugar – Video


Gluten-free colored sugar – 

It easy and fast coloring the white sugar, which can be used as you like to decorate cookies and cakes. The important thing is to use gluten-free food coloring.

Gluten-free colored sugar

Preparation time 30 minutes


white granulated sugar

gluten-free liquid colors

transparent plastic bags for foods

Put sugar in a freezer bag, add 3 drops of color and mix well the sugar inside the bag.

When the color will be uniform (add more coloring one drop at a time for a richer color) distribute the colored sugar on baking paper and let it dry (about 20 minutes).

I got the green with 3 drops of yellow and 2 of blue.

Red and blue to make purple and yellow, red and blue for brown.

Store the colored sugar in plastic bags for foods. If it forms some clots, just crush the bags with the hands and break the lumps before using the sugar.

Gluten-free colored sugar

Gluten-free colored sugar

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