Gluten-free beer – Complete guide to choosing the best gluten-free beer


Gluten-free beer – Complete guide to choosing the best gluten-free beer – 

Until a few years ago, those who were celiac or intolerant at gluten, in addition to having to control their diet, were also forced to give up the taste of a good beer.

Luckily, even from this point of view, things have improved a lot over time and, now, we can also have the satisfaction of eating a pizza or a burger accompanied by a gluten-free beer that has nothing to envy compared to a classic “gluten-full beer“.

Gluten-free beer

The constant increase in celiac and intolerant subjects has therefore pushed both large production and numerous artisanal breweries to focus their attention on the gluten-free topic. For this reason, throughout the world, more and more breweries are including in their “gluten-free” catalogs proposals and, now, the choice has been expanded to more than 300 gluten-free beers available practically at every latitude and finally easily accessible within the “Gluten-free beer – The complete guide by“.

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Gluten-free beer

Beer is a beverage that, basically, comes from the fermentation of barley malted wort, flavored with hops. It would therefore in itself be an unfit food for a celiac person’s diet.

How can gluten-free beers exist that are also
suitable for those who follow a gluten-free diet?

The answer is easy. Gluten-free beer is a beer that contains a gluten level below 20 ppm (20 parts per million) and is therefore also suitable for celiac people. Gluten-free beer can be achieved in two different ways:

  • Gluten-free beer: gluten-free beer can be made from naturally gluten-free cereals such as millet, quinoa, buckwheat and many more. These beers are however to be considered as an “at risk product” and must bear the words “gluten-free” (or the equivalent in another language, like: “senza glutine“, “sin gluten“, etc.).
  • Gluten-removed beer: gluten-free beer can also be produced using cereals containing gluten (such as barley or wheat) but which, through an “enzymatic” process, results in the elimination of the gluten level until it reaches an extremely low threshold (often even below 10 ppm). These beers, too, must bear the words “gluten-free” (or the equivalent in another language, like: “senza glutine“, “sin gluten“, etc.).

The production processes can also give rise to “unconsciously” gluten-free beers, that is, produced without paying particular attention to the problems of those who are forced to follow a constant gluten-free diet, but nevertheless results below the threshold of 20 ppm. These beers aren’t currently marketed with the write “gluten-free” and it will, therefore, be necessary to wait until each individual brewery is able to keep the production batches constant in order to have them on the market with all the guarantees necessary to be able to drink them. These beers are marked in our guide with an asterisk near the name.

A separate note can be made for those beers with a low gluten content, i. e. with a gluten level above 20 ppm, but not exceeding 100 ppm (specifically reported within our “Gluten-free beer – The complete guide by“).

Full gluten-free beer guide

Gluten-free beer – The complete guide

Our guide has been created searching gluten-free beers all over the world; in case you have had the opportunity to try others not listed (and clearly still on the market), we will be happy to keep our list updated, following your advice to be sent to us by e-mail to the following address

If you are Celiac, always check for the presence on the label the crossed ear and/or the appropriate words “gluten-free” (or corresponding indications in other languages).

The “Complete Guide” created by Vivere Senza Glutine can be freely consulted online (hereafter), or even downloaded in PDF format, by each user subscribed to our Newsletter.

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Beers – Countries

Show by country: 

The list is subdivided by Country and sorted alphabetically by name of the respective breweries and the beers marked with asterisk * are “unconsciously” gluten-free beers.

The updated amount of gluten-free beers in our guide is… 310 beers.


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