Gluten-free bakeries Salduba – Video


Gluten-free bakeries Salduba – 

These aren’t completely gluten-free bakeries, but they have a separate space to bake gluten-free products.

Gluten-free bakeries Salduba

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They have 4 outlets in Marbella:


Calle Valentuñana, 2 – Phone: 952 77 18 91 Hours:  Mon-Sun 7-21:30

Calle Rodrigo de Triana, 10 – Phone: 951 25 84 76 Hours:  Mon-Sun 7-21:30

Calle Juan de Austria, 1 – Phone: 952 76 52 07 (near Plaza de Toros) – Hours:  Mon-Sun 7-21:30

Avenida de Nabeul 1 – Phone: 951 25 84 77 – Hours:  Mon-Sun – 7-21:30 Salduba_PanaderiaValentuñanaetriana


and one in San Pedro de Alcántara (with Café).saldubasanpedromappa

Panadería Cafetería Salduba – Calle Marqués de Estella, 1, San Pedro de Alcántara  Hours:  Mon-Sun 9-21

Here some of their gluten-free products.


In the bakery in Avenida de Nabeul, gluten-free cakes are kept separate from the others in a dedicated refrigerator.


When you buy something the clerk uses a special tool and put the cake into a little bag or in a paper tray. The salted products are individually sealed in plastic bags.

I went there late in the morning and so the choice was not so much (as you can see in the photo), I assume that in the early morning there are more things.

I took a slice of cheesecake, topped with a strawberry jam and a roll, that I warmed up at home, in the oven, for about 10 minutes.saldubacheesecakeepanino

The cheesecake was delicious; the bread heated was very good, soft on the inside and with a very crispy crust, one of the best gluten-free bread I ever eat. I ate a small piece before heating and it was good even so, however, it’s a bit rubbery (like when the bread is old of a day), so definitely better heat it.


I spent € 4.60 for a slice of cheesecake, a roll and a chocolate donut (this one with gluten).

In the bakery near the Plaza de Toros, gluten-free cakes are kept in a dedicated section, while the bread is individually sealed.


Here I bought 3 cakes and 2 rolls for € 9.70: I took a cream muffin, a piece of carrot cake and a brownie with chocolate and nuts.saldubadolci

The cream muffin (it was a simple vanilla muffin with a drop of custard on the top) was yummy, the chocolate brownie was good, but more than a brownie, it was a chocolate square with nuts, good, but a little “heavy”. The carrot cake was with lots of cinnamon in it and for me the cinnamon flavor is disgusting, so I couldn’t eat it. My husband ate it and for him was very good.


To finish the best: I went to have breakfast at the new café-bakery of San Pedro de Alcántara, a small town near Marbella.



Address: Calle Marqués de Estella, 1 San Pedro Alcántara

The place is really nice and the staff is kind and friendly: here there is a dedicated laboratory for gluten-free and so there is a large dedicated section with plenty of choices (it isn’t a store exclusively gluten-free, there are also counters with cakes and bread with gluten).
Gluten-free bakeries Salduba

In the café, in addition to cakes, they also serve savory (sandwiches, salads and more) and you may have gluten-free even those.


For breakfast, I took the cheesecake, that I liked so much, and a cappuccino (very good).

With 2 cappuccinos, the cheesecake and 2 cakes with gluten (for my husband) we spent € 8.20. The price of the portion of cheesecake is € 2.50.

In conclusion, I can say that you can’t miss these bakeries!



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