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Glufree Bakery gluten-free bakery in Milan – Video


Glufree Bakery gluten-free bakery in Milan

The products of this baked pastries are excellent, both sweet and savory, plus the place is nice and cozy.

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Glufree Bakery gluten-free bakery in Milan

Glufree Bakery

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They have two shops:

  • Via Curtatone 6 – Phone: 02 5401 9723 – Glusearch
  • Via Gian Galeazzo 6 – Phone: 02 3676 7679 – Glusearch

Hours: Monday to Friday 8 am – 7:30 pm / Saturday 8 am – 7 pm. Also home delivery.

In October we have been a few days in Milan and every morning we had breakfast in the bakery of Via Gian Galeazzo. The place is really nice, with plenty of seating, and a really wide selection of gluten-free products, both sweet and savory.

Glufree Bakery gluten-free bakery in Milan

Glufree Bakery gluten-free bakery in Milan

At breakfast we tasted different kinds of pastries and two croissants filled with jam and custard cream (they weren’t made with puff pastry, they had a soft dough), everything really good. Puff pastry and shortcrust pastry are perfect, as consistency and flavor, ditto for the custard cream.

Also excellent cappuccino and for a good breakfast is not to be underestimated 😉 There is also the possibility to have it lactose-free.

In addition, the shop assistants are really kind and prepared. Free Wi-fi.

We also bought some salty products (focaccia, pizza, and bread), even these very good, although I preferred the sweets.

The shop of Via Curtadone:

For the first breakfast, we took 12 sweet mignons, two croissants, and two cappuccinos, for a total of € 16.70. After we returned every morning 🙂

For 3 pieces of flat bread (focaccia), one filled focaccia, a piece of pizza, a loaf and a bun, we paid € 24.33.

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Glufree via Gian Galeazzo

Glufree via Curtatone


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