The first gluten free holiday: how to organize?


The first gluten free holiday: how to organize? – 

Have you recently been diagnosed with celiac disease for yourself or a member of your family? Are you about to leave for your first gluten-free holiday?

Dealing with the first “going out” after the diagnosis is certainly not easy, but with a little organization and the right information you can live the holiday peacefully and enjoy it as before the diagnosis.

If you have the opportunity to take a holiday in a motorhome, caravan or rented house surely the problems will be greatly reduced. Another excellent solution is the villages or campsites with rooms or bungalows equipped with a kitchenette.

first gluten free holiday

If you prefer to spend your holiday in the hotel, don’t worry, now almost everywhere you can find hotels and restaurants that offer gluten-free options and there is always the possibility of eating simple dishes such as grilled meat or fish, prosciutto, cheese or other naturally gluten-free foods.

For greater peace of mind it’s advisable to bring with you some packaged food such as biscuits, snacks, crackers and everything that doesn’t require cooking and is packaged individually, but bear in mind that throughout Europe, the United States, Latin America and Australia, the larger supermarkets and, to a large extent, organic food stores, also sell gluten-free products, so you don’t have to fill your suitcase with food!

first gluten free holiday

Before leaving it’s important to find out about the hotels and restaurants in the area, to be “ready”, here are some APPs to look for gluten-free places:

  • for Italy – Glusearch
  • for France – Avec Plaisir
  • for Spain – FACEmovil
  • for Germany – Glutenfrei – GF
  • Worldwide – Glusearch , Glutenfree Roads and Find me Gluten Free

Here you can also find the Travel Cards that contain the phrases in common use, in a gluten-free context, translated into the language of the foreign country you are visiting.

Finally, we give you some suggestions about places tested directly by us in Italy, Europe, and the United States:


Gluten-free hotels of the Riviera Romagnola
Lago di Garda gluten-free
Lucca gluten-free
Roma gluten-free
Milano gluten-free

Pasticceria Napoleoni senza glutine Roma
Chains of restaurants with gluten-free options in Italy:

1950 American Diner
McDonald’s Italia
Starbene Senza Glutine

Here you can find more than 100 facilities (hotels, restaurants, and cafes) with gluten-free options throughout Italy that, in addition, offer discounts to Vivere Senza Glutine cardholders.


Disneyland Paris


Barcelona gluten-free
The Canary Islands – Gran Canaria
The Canary Islands – Lanzarote
The Canary Islands – Tenerife
Madrid gluten-free
Marbella and costa del sol gluten-free

Chains of restaurants with gluten-free options in Spain:

100 Montaditos
Burger King
Chocolat Factory
Tommy Mel’s

Hamburger senza glutine Burger King Spagna


New York City gluten-free
Las Vegas gluten-free
Los Angeles gluten-free

The important thing is not to give up travel because of celiac disease: if you travel well informed you can go anywhere 🙂

Have you already had your first gluten-free holiday? How did you organize yourself?

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