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Eva gluten-free bakery – Marbella – Video


Eva gluten-free bakery – Marbella – 

The “Pasteleria Eva” is another bakery of Marbella, with a large production of gluten-free products.

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Eva gluten-free bakery


pasticceriaevamappaAddress: Av del Trapiche, 16,29601 – Phone: 952 77 88 68

They made the sponge cake with various fillings, donuts, muffins, beignets, bread, churros, profiteroles, cakes and various types of local pastries.

The cafe-bakery is very simple, a bit old, but clean and well maintained. They have two refrigerators of gluten-free products, all in closed packaging and there’s a dedicated spoon with which they take them.

Eva gluten-free bakery


I bought 2 beignets (one with custard filling and the other with chocolate filling), a small roll of sponge cake with custard and another with whipped cream and jam, covered in chocolate, all for € 8.00.

The beignets: I definitely prefer the cream puffs baked in the oven, but the dough was good, with the classic taste of donuts. One was with chocolate cream, but had hardened in the refrigerator, not bad, but not the right consistency (it would have been better a soft filling). The other was with custard, which I found a little tasteless.

The small roll of sponge cake with custard was the best. Good sponge cake, lightly moistened with a sweet liqueur and the custard was good. The other roll, covered in a chocolate not so good (also this a little bit tasteless), was with whipped cream and strawberry jam, overall good, even if the sponge cake was a little dry.


Ultimately their cakes are not bad, nothing great, but still good; the price is even cheap enough.


Anyway, I much prefer the products of Salduba bakery in Marbella (here the post).



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