Easter Dove Cake gluten-free: 3 recipes selected for you


Dove cake gluten-free: 3 recipes selected for you – 

Easter is approaching and with it the desire to make the typical cakes of the period. In Italy a typical dessert is the “Dove Cake”: we have selected for you the best recipes to make it at home!

Colomba pasquale [koˈlomba paˈskwaːle] or colomba di Pasqua [koˈlomba di ˈpaskwa] (“Easter Dove” in English) is an Italian traditional Easter cake, the counterpart of the two well-known Italian Christmas desserts, panettone and pandoro.

The dough for the colomba is made in a similar manner to panettone, with flour, eggs, sugar, natural yeast and butter; unlike panettone, it usually contains candied peel and no raisins. The dough is then fashioned into a dove shape (colomba in Italian) and finally is topped with pearl sugar and almonds before being baked. Some manufacturers produce other versions including a popular bread topped with chocolate.

The colomba was commercialised by the Milanese baker and businessman Angelo Motta as an Easter version of the Christmas speciality panettone that Motta foods were producing.

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Easter Dove Cake gluten-free

Gluten free Easter Colomba
by Forni David

Easter Dove Cake gluten-free

“Are you celiac and every year at Easter you have to give the traditional Italian Easter cake up? This month David Ovens suggests you the recipe for the gluten free colomba. Because even the greediest doesn’t give up enjoying the typical Easter cake.” Recipe on the website: Gluten free Easter Colomba.

Gluten Free Colomba Pasquale
by G-Freefoodie

Gluten Free Colomba Pasquale

“We converted a traditional recipe from the folks at King Arthur Flour to GF, so everyone can celebrate with Gluten Free Colomba Pasquale!

While Italy offers many traditional Easter breads, the best-known by far is Colomba Pasquale, Easter dove bread, a native of Lombardy in the north, but available everywhere when Easter rolls around. Even in America one can find these panettone-like breads in their paper “dove” pans around the Easter holidays.” Recipe on the website: Gluten Free Colomba Pasquale.

Easter Dove Cake Gluten Free
by Schär

Easter Dove Cake Gluten Free

“A delicious gluten free version of the traditional Easter recipe..”  Recipe on the website: Easter Dove Cake Gluten Free.

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