Dulce de leche super easy


Dulce de leche super easy – 

The “dulce de leche” is an Argentine native dessert, very used in all Latin American countries, Spain and Portugal.

Dulce de leche super easy

It’s a cream of milk and sugar, commonly known as “toffee cream”, it’s perfect for stuffing biscuits, crepes, chocolates and cakes, but also can be eaten directly from the jar by the spoonful 🙂

The method that I report is “ridiculous” in its simplicity, isn’t a real recipe, but a shortcut to obtaining a delicious toffee cream, with the 100% success and is of course gluten-free.

Preparation time 3 hours


a can of gluten-free condensed milk

a deep pot

a glass jar with lid



Dulce de leche super easy

Remove the label from the can, immerse in the pot and cover it with water for 4 times its height. Cook over low heat for 3 hours.

The can must be in aluminum or glass or other boiling-resistant material. If you find only the condensed milk into a container not suitable for boiling, you can transfer it directly into a glass jar, close tightly, and then cook it.

Remove the can, open it, mix well the “dulce de leche” and transfer it into a glass jar, close immediately and let cool.

Dulce de leche super easy

Store in a refrigerator where, such as jams, has a fairly long shelf life, due to the high percentage of sugar. I recommend using it in a week, but it’s so good it doesn’t generally get to 3 days 🙂

Dulce de leche super easy


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