4 doubts about the gluten-free diet: the most frequent questions among newly diagnosed celiacs


4 doubts about the gluten-free diet – 

In this article, we answer 4 questions about the gluten-free diet among the most common questions, especially among newly diagnosed. Sometimes, even the most experienced coeliacs may have doubts about safe and unsafe products.

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Vivere Senza Glutine

All these guidelines are for Italy and you can found them on the Italian ABC della Dieta del Celiaco, by Italian Coeliac Association.

4 doubts about the gluten-free diet:
all the medications are gluten-free? What about supplements?


The medicines, i.e. those with the A.I.C. write and the authorization number on the package are gluten-free, even if the ingredients include prohibited ingredients.

4 doubts about the gluten-free diet

“The limits currently imposed by the European Pharmacopoeia allow to consider suitable for people suffering from celiac disease also medicines containing wheat starch, except in cases of individual hypersensitivity that must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Since 1999, the European Pharmacopoeia has imposed, in fact, for the wheat starch present as an excipient, a total protein content whose maximum quantity is limited to 0.3% in milligrams (the maximum amount of gluten is therefore limited by this provision and is completely harmless to celiac).

Safety for coeliac is also guaranteed in the case of chronic intake of a medicine (also containing wheat starch), in view of the limit threshold of gluten that a coeliac can take through involuntary contamination without activation of the immune response and set at 10 mg/day by the scientific literature.”

SUPPLEMENTS: different for supplements, which to be suitable for consumption by coeliacs, must have the words on the package SENZA GLUTINE or GLUTEN-FREE.

gluten-free supplements

4 doubts about the gluten-free diet:
 Can all cheeses be consumed without any problems?

gluten-free diet - gluten-free cheeses

Cheeses that can be eaten safely by celiacs, without the need for gluten-free writing and/or crossed ear are:
– all fresh and mature cheeses, even if lactose-free
– Parmigiano Reggiano DOP and Grana Padano DOP also grated.

They require the inscription SENZA GLUTINE (gluten-free) on the package:
– sliced, melted, light, spreadable, grated, vegetable cheeses (e.g. tofu)
– milk flakes with the addition of thickeners, flavorings or other substances.

4 doubts about the gluten-free diet:
what cocktails can I drink when I go out with friends for an aperitif?

The alcoholic beverages that can be easily consumed by a celiac are:
wine, sparkling wine and distillate (cognac, gin, grappa, rum, tequila, whiskey, vodka) not containing added flavors or other substances

Alcoholic beverages that require gluten-free writing and/or crossed ear are:
alcoholic beverages with added aromas or other substances, beer and cider.

So, for an aperitif, you can order all those cocktails that have among their ingredients wine, sparkling wine, and distillate not added with flavors and other substances.

gluten-free diet - gluten-free Cocktails

Pay attention to other ingredients present in cocktails such as fruit juices and/or soft drinks. Those granted without the need of writing are:
– Nectars and fruit juices not containing added vitamins or other substances (preservatives, flavorings, colorings, etc.), with the exception of: ascorbic acid (E300 or vitamin C), citric acid (E330), sugar, fructose, glucose syrup or glucose-fructose syrup
– Carbonated drinks (orangeade, cola, etc.) not containing added sweeteners (edulcoranti)

If they are not among those mentioned above you should ask to see the bottle to be sure there is gluten-free writing.

4 doubts about the gluten-free diet:
Can we use the fresh yeast in blocks?

Yes, fresh yeast, which is found in the fridge counter, of any brand, is always gluten-free, so we can use it safely.

gluten-free diet - gluten-free yeast

Brewer’s yeast is also good freeze-dried and dry, while liquid yeast requires gluten-free writing, such as chemical yeast.

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