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Dolci per Intolleranti – Cakes for Intolerant – Online sale


Dolci per Intolleranti – Cakes for Intolerant – Online sale – 

You’re searching a good “Panettone” or others typical Italian Christmas cakes, but you don’t have a bakery near you that produces gluten-free ones?

You can buy them on www.dolciperintolleranti.it

Cakes for Intolerant – Online sale

Dolci per Intolleranti (Cakes for Intolerant) is a website that sells gluten-free products of an Apulian handmade bakery.

From their website you can buy Panettone, Pandoro, cookies, candies and Easter Dove cakes, all gluten-free.


They contacted and sent me some of their products so that I could taste and review them: they sent me a selection of cookies and a Panettone cake.


The products I’ve tasted are all good, especially the Panettone cake, soft and not dry; also my husband liked it (he’s not celiac).

Cakes for Intolerant

Cakes for Intolerant

They also sell lactose-free and egg-free products: some of these products are made with gluten flour, but in a separate workshop from those without gluten, so there isn’t a risk of cross-contamination. On the site, you will find, for each product, the ingredients, and detailed allergens. You can contact them for any questions or special request on the website or their Facebook Page.


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