Disneyland Paris gluten-free: what can we really eat inside the park?


Disneyland Paris gluten-free – 

What can we eat in the Disneyland Paris amusement park? Can you talk as Disneyland Paris gluten-free?

France is by no means one of the most “easy” countries for celiac disease, as it generally doesn’t seem to be well informed, especially when it comes to explaining the problem in restaurants.

But it must be made an important premise…

In Italy, for products at risk of contamination AIC “Associazione Italiana Celiachia” (Italian Celiacs Association) tells us to buy and consume only products with the word SENZA GLUTINE (GLUTEN-FREE).

The association of French celiac disease AFDIAG  explicitly states that allergen is among the ingredients, so all those products that do not contain prohibited cereals (for example blé – wheat / barley – rye / orge – barley) can be consumed by the celiac subject.

If you find starch, or modified starch, without any specification, then the product is gluten-free, otherwise, you will find expressions such as “amidon de blé” or similar.

On contaminated products, then the sentence “may contain traces of grain containing gluten”.

This, moreover, is not valid only in France, but also in countries like Switzerland and Belgium, where celiacs make their purchases simply by looking at allergens on the label.

So the problem for us in France is more about “confidence”.

If we decide to follow the “Italian” rule of the “gluten-free” sentence, we can only eat products with the above-mentioned text, but in France, there are very few :(.

But if we decide to give confidence to how celiac disease is handled in the various countries, then in France we will have no problems finding different products suitable for those who follow a gluten-free diet.

Everything is reduced to a personal choice.

Disneyland Paris gluten-free: what can we really eat inside the park

Disneyland Paris gluten-free

How is the situation for celiacs in the most famous amusement park in Europe? We show you “Disneyland Paris gluten-free”

We were there for you and we talked directly to a park nutrition manager, so we personally experienced the whole “gluten-free” offer: in this article, we put a definitive point on the gluten-free situation at Disneyland Paris!

Among the celiacs reigns a bit of confusion regarding this park: there are people who have not been able to eat virtually anything and others to which the chefs have cooked specially for them and for their children. Where is the truth?

We took an appointment with a park manager and we finally got all the DEFINITIVE answers we were expecting.


The Natama gluten-free menu we told you about in this article is no longer offered in the park.

There are no options specifically gluten-free: in each restaurant you can find the list of allergens, which we know, however, it’s not enough for the safety of celiacs.

The managers, premising that the absence of contamination in the kitchen is not guaranteed, recommend eating in restaurants with table service and talk to the dining room manager and / or the chef to ask what dishes can be prepared more safely gluten-free.

Disneyland Paris senza glutine


Disneyland Paris gluten-free – Is the Natama menu any good?

The menu comes with the 3 “dishes” still sealed (those that need to be hot are heated yet closed).

Disneyland Paris senza glutine menù Natama

I have tasted:

  • Cream of tomato soup – it served cold, is very acidic and has a taste that is far from pleasant, inedible to me 🙁
  • Vegetarian pasta – are fusilli with boiled mixed vegetables, the pasta is completely chopped and everything is without salt. Adding a little salt we say it becomes edible…

Disneyland Paris celiaci

  • Peach delight – puree of apples and peaches, slightly sugared, also this quite tasteless.

Disneyland Paris senza glutine menù Natama

If I have to be honest it looks like a hospital meal. A hospital where you eat particularly bad!

The cost of the menu is € 15.99.

Disneyland Paris gluten-free – And for breakfast?

For breakfast, the park is provided with food that must be booked in advance because they are not always available.

We can confirm that within the park, the products listed below can not be found if you arrive there at the moment and want to have breakfast (we asked all the outlets listed below) so I would recommend, if you stay in a hotel, to book in advance the products.

List of products (they are packaged products, not fresh):


RUSTIC SLICED BREAD (gluten-free) Ingredients: water, corn starch, rice fl our, buckwheat fl our, humectant (sorbitol), non-hydrogenated palm oil, vegetable fibres (inulin), thickening agents (guar gum, locust bean gum), baker’s yeast, glucose syrup, salt, sugar, emulsifier (rapeseed lecithin), preservative (calcium propionate).

SABLÉ BISCUITS (gluten-free, lactose-free, dairy-free) Ingredients: potato starch, sugar, corn starch, non-hydrogenated palm oil, corn fl our, modifi ed starch, emulsifier (rapeseed lecithin), salt, baking powder (ammonium carbonate).

CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES (gluten-free, lactose-free, dairy-free) Ingredients: sugar, non-hydrogenated palm oil, corn fl our, teff fl our, chocolate chips 9% (cocoa paste, cocoa butter, sugar, emulsifi er: soya lecithin, natural vanilla flavouring), rice fl our, tapioca starch, glucose syrup, aroma, emulsifier (rapeseed lecithin), baking powder (ammonium carbonate), thickening agent (xanthan gum), rice starch, salt.

MINI CHOCOLATE CHIP CAKES (gluten-free, lactose-free, dairy-free) Ingredients: eggs, sugar, potato starch, non-hydrogenated palm oil, chocolate chips 11% (cocoa paste, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soya lecithin, natural vanilla flavouring), dextrose, rice flour, stabiliser (glycerol), glucose syrup, thickening agents (locust bean flour, xanthan gum), emulsifier (rapeseed lecithin), baking powder (diphosphate, sodium carbonate, calcium phosphate), salt.

MINI MARBLE CAKES (gluten-free, lactose-free, dairy-free) Ingredients: eggs, sugar, non-hydrogenated palm oil, potato starch, rice fl our, dextrose, chocolate 6.5% (cocoa paste, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifi er: soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavouring), humectant (glycerol), glucose syrup, emulsifier (rapeseed lecithin), baking powder (diphosphates, sodium carbonates, calcium phosphates), thickening agents (locust bean fl our, xanthan gum), salt.

Only available at hotel buffets: 

CRAC’FORM (gluten-free, egg-free, lactose-free, dairy-free) Ingredients: corn flour, rice flour, sugar, salt.

The products listed above are available (upon reservation) at:

Disney Hotels:

Disneyland Hotel, Disney’s Hotel New York, Disney’s Newport Bay Club, Disney’s Sequoia Lodge, Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe, Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne, Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch.

Disneyland park:

Breakfast Disney Morning: Café Hypérion, Cable Car Bake Shop, Market House Deli, Pizzeria Bella Notte.

Breakfast with Disney Characters: Plaza Gardens Restaurant.

Disney Village:

New York Style Sandwiches.

The information above is subject to change without notice. Therefore, please be sure to confirm availability of special items before your trip via your reservations agent or with your hotel concierge or restaurant host or hostess as soon as you arrive.

Disneyland Paris gluten-free – What can we eat?

To have accurate (and safe) answers about everything we can eat at Eurodisney, we took an appointment and spoke directly with a park manager.

In addition to the Natama menu, you can ask at any restaurant or hotel what dishes are gluten-free but beware: they refer to the allergen book only, now mandatory throughout Europe, without any attention to cross-contamination. It is recommended to eat in restaurants with table service and talk to a manager to see what options they can offer.

Disneyland Paris ristoranti senza glutine

The park manager we interviewed has expressly stated that NONE KITCHEN, either in the park or in the hotels, can be careful about cross-contamination: the various cooked and served dishes can’t be considered 100% safe.

You can certainly find more prepared chefs, willing to cook you fries, rice, or other dishes, but we have to try to understand if they really know how to handle the contamination. Furthermore, keep in mind that most of the staff in the kitchen and halls are made up of “seasonal” boys and girls, who have no preparation on it and often don’t even know what celiac disease is or what gluten is.

So ask the staff which dishes are gluten-free, is a viable route, but it doesn’t give you security from the point of view of cross-contamination.

Disneyland Paris gluten-free – Restaurants with gluten-free menu in Disneyland Paris

There is only one restaurant with a gluten-free menu in Disneyland Paris and it’s Planet Hollywood, at Disney Village (an area just off the park, with various venues, created for nightly entertainment, but open all day). Their menu has various gluten-free options: appetizers, burgers, pizza, pasta, salads and grilled meat.

Here is the detailed review “Planet Hollywood gluten-free“.

Also at Disney Village, you can eat a gluten-free focaccia at Starbucks. Reading on the internet it would seem that the gluten-free offer is 2 or 3 sandwiches and a cake, but we found only this focaccia here (while in some Starbucks in Paris we found nothing).

Starbucks gluten-free

The focaccia was individually wrapped and is heated 2 minutes in the microwave, still wrapped.

I must say that it’s very good, both the bread and the filling and it’s a really big sandwich at the price of € 5.95.

Starbucks gluten-free

Locate Planet Hollywood and Starbucks on Disneyland Paris’ interactive map:

Planet Hollywood

Disneyland Paris gluten-free – snacks, candies, and ice-cream


Ice cream is NOT guaranteed in any park venue, and cross-contamination is absolute. For example in “The Gibson Girl” ice-cream parlor even if there were 1 or 2 gluten-free flavors (always ask staff, tastes may change) most of them, if not already stuffed with biscuits or brownies inside, is served with only one spoon for all flavors.

Also, on top of all ice-creams, they put a waffle: even asking not to put it, the attendant will prepare your ice-cream after touching the waffle of the previous ice-cream 🙁

With the crowd that there is usually in the park, it’s unlikely that the person who serves the ice cream will change the gloves, wash the spoon carefully, or take a new ice-cream pack just to make your gluten-free ice cream … anyway, you can try to ask.

Disneyland Paris senza glutine - gelato

On the ice-cream front there is a good news: from July 2017 at the Disney Village, there is a Grom ice-cream stand, all without gluten, like any Grom ice-cream! In addition to the cone, they also sell gluten-free cookies! To find out more, let us refer to our article about Grom gluten-free ice-cream parlors with all information about their products.

Grom’s setup is “temporary”, so you can find it from June to October.

Disneyland Paris senza glutine - gelato Grom senza glutine

Bad note … 2 medium cones cost € 10.50.

Disneyland Paris senza glutine - gelato Grom senza glutine

To make you understand how Disney’s staff is, in most cases, totally unprepared: the first time we went to the Grom stand, we asked the girl who served the ice-cream a confirmation that it was all gluten-free and she told us that it was all with gluten!

We were not absolutely convinced of the thing, as Grom doesn’t have a production chain with gluten, so we came back the next day and ask the new attendant, which instead confirmed to us that it was obviously everything without gluten (ice-cream, cones, and biscuits).

From this anecdote, it can be understood that the manipulation of dishes and foods in “promiscuous” places is certainly problematic for celiacs in the park.

Finally, as packaged ice-creams there are these:

Disneyland Paris senza glutine - gelato senza glutine

We checked the packs of Algida’s ice creams sold in the park: both Magnum and popsicles, don’t have the word “gluten-free”, but there are no prohibited cereals among the ingredients (go to the beginning of this article to better understand the handling of food at risk in France).

Candies and chocolates

For packaged candies and chocolates sold in the park, we never found the sentence “gluten-free” on neither of the packaging. However, there are always well-defined ingredients and, in some products, there is this sentence: “they may contain traces of cereals with gluten” (go to the beginning of this article to better understand the handling of food at risk in France).

Disneyland Paris senza glutine - caramelle senza glutine

Candies by weight: for this type of candy, the staff has an allergens’ guide and can indicate which candies are gluten-free.

Enlarge the images for more details on Candies by weight: 

Disneyland Paris - foglio allergeni    Disneyland Paris - foglio allergeni

The problem though is that the spoons are all kept together, so candies with gluten are taken with the same spoon as gluten-free candies. Candies have no flour around, so the contamination is not so direct, but it’s good to know they come into contact with the same spoon.

Disneyland Paris - caramelle


Packaged popcorn in stores doesn’t have the sentence “gluten-free” but have ingredients with specified allergens. Checking well, some packages have cereal with gluten and others haven’t (go to the beginning of this article to better understand the handling of food at risk in France).

Disneyland Paris senza glutine - pop corn

The popcorn sold in the park, in the stands where they make them fresh, have gluten. 🙁

French fries and chips

The french fries in the fryers of the various facilities of the park are all at risk of contamination and those packaged don’t have the sentence “gluten-free” but, as usual, allergens are well-specified and there are some of them without glutinous ingredients (go to the beginning of this article to better understand the handling of food at risk in France).

Disneyland Paris gluten-free – Some personal considerations

Definitely, on the “food” front the park is not good, the only secure meal, the Natama, is not good at all … practically unthinkable for a child, but for the “Summer 2017”, we have ice-cream and cookies by Grom, all good products, albeit with a big surcharge.

As a restaurant with a gluten-free menu, we have Planet Hollywood, which isn’t bad at all and has a good selection of gluten-free dishes.

If you decide to just look at the ingredients, you can eat various types of packaged chocolate, candy, popcorn, chips, and marshmallow.

We adults, good or bad, can arrange us more easily; the problem arises for children who are, in the end, the true “protagonists” of the “Disney experience“.

In our opinion, the important thing is to not let our children miss the opportunity to visit and enjoy the beauty of the Disney’s park: they haven’t to give up anything, as much as possible, just because of Celiac disease.

Organize yourself by taking your son’s favorite “Disney-style” sweet and savory snacks (popcorn, chips, candies, biscuits, chocolate bars, etc.): as soon as they want something, take out a treat from your “Mary Poppins backpack “, so they will not miss anything about “Disney magic” 😉

Disneyland Paris gluten-free – How to organize yourself for lunch?

In the Disneyland area there is the “Val d’Europe” shopping center (accessible by car, bus, and RER) with a large Auchan supermarket: there you will find plenty of gluten-free products, plus fresh bread of the brand “Genius“, which is very good, even without the need to be warmed or toasted.

Pane senza glutine

Always in the supermarket, you will find many products that are always safe, such as prosciutto (ham) and various Italian or Spanish products that have the sentence “gluten-free”.

So for lunch, a nice sandwich with chips bought at the supermarket, fresh vegetables and fruit, juices, yogurt and everything you like. If you only look at the ingredients, then there are a lot of things to buy: only if you are looking for the sentence “sans gluten” (gluten-free), then buyable products are dropping drastically, but in this supermarket, they are still enough (with Italian and Spanish imports).

Disneyland Paris gluten-free – For dinner?

In Disney Village, there is Planet Hollywood which has a good selection of gluten-free dishes such as pasta, sandwiches, pizza, and salads.

For eating, we are all right and then … go on with the rides, the Disney characters, princess and pirate dresses, the shows, the parades and the beautiful “Disney Illuminations” show featuring projections on the castle, fireworks, games of lights, water, and smoke … absolutely not to be missed!

So enjoy your vacation!
After all, Disneyland is always “The Happiest Place On Earth” 😉

Disneyland Paris senza glutine  Disneyland Paris senza glutine  Disneyland Paris senza glutine
Eurodisney senza glutine  Eurodisney senza glutine  disneyland senza glutine

Vivere Senza Glutine – Liberi di viaggiare

Since you have been asking for “gluten-free” information in Disneyland Paris, we’ve been trying to search as thoroughly as possible on the subject, personally trying out many locals and products and creating this detailed guide on “Disneyland Paris gluten-free“. If you find this information useful, sharing it on your social network, it will help many other people who are not yet well-informed on the subject.


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