Cups of two chocolate creams


Cups of two chocolate creams – 

I took the recipe of the creams from the book of the pastry chef Maurizio Santin: “I dolci di Maurizio Santin”

Preparation time 1 hour (excluding the rest of the creams in the fridge)

Cups of two chocolate creams

Ingredients of the two chocolate creams:

230 g of double cream

100 g of milk

3 egg yolks

35 g of sugar

75 g of dark chocolate

95 g of white chocolate


Boil together the cream and the milk. In the meantime beat the yolks with the sugar.

Put some warm liquid on the beaten yolks amalgamating well, then put them in the casserole with the rest: always mixing, cook up to make it nearly boil (the cream will veil the spoon and the walls of the saucepan).


Mince separately the two chocolates in the mixer, divide the warm cream in two and unite the two chocolates; mix well until to get two smooth creams.


Put the two creams in the refrigerator (at least for 4 hours) up to the moment of the composition of the dish.


Ingredients for 4 cups: 

50 g of gluten-free flour (I used the BiAglut flour)

50 g of egg white

50 g of icing sugar

50 g of butter

We pass at the preparation of the cups: put the butter to melt at low fire, when it’s half melted, turn off the stove. Wait that the butter is completely melted and cooled.
Coppette_di_creme2ciocco04Sift the flour with the icing sugar and put together all the ingredients mixing well to obtain an elastic cream.

Divide the dough into four piles on the baking pan and stretch them with a spoon, into thin discs.

Cook in preheated oven at 200°C for few minutes (until the sides become brown and the center stays clear), then put them, still warm, on 4 cups upside down and let them cool this way.


When serving put in each cup half black and half white cream. I served them with a strawberry and 2 cookies at the orange flavor.

Cups of two chocolate creams


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