Christmas decoration: Christmas filled cookies gluten-free


Christmas decoration: Christmas filled cookies gluten-free

A very simple decoration made with sugar icing on gluten-free biscuits similar to Ringo-Oreo. 
You can find the video-recipe at the bottom of the page 🙂

Christmas decoration
Christmas filled cookies gluten-free

Preparation time 30 minutes

black and white gluten-free stuffed cookies
gluten-free icing sugar
gluten-free dark chocolate
gluten-free red candies
gluten-free sugar sprinkles
gluten-free mini pretzels
gluten-free food colours red and green (yellow and blue are also good for making green)

Biscotti farciti senza glutine natalizi

Prepare the icing glaze mixing icing sugar and a little water in 3 cups. In one add the red colouring and in another the green (or the blue and yellow).
Melt a little chocolate.

Santa Claus: dip a part of the white biscuit in the white icing and then the top part in the red one. Let it dry and with a toothpick make the white edge of the hat. Place a drop of icing on the beard and place a red nose candy. With the melted chocolate make two balls for the eyes. Let it dry.

Christmas Tree: soak the black cookie in the white icing. With the green frosting and a toothpick draw the tree. Place the colored stars of sugar on the tree. Let it dry.

Rudolph the reindeer: divide the mini pretzels in two and insert the two halves in a white biscuit for the horns. With the white icing make the eyes and in the middle put a red candy fixating it with a drop of icing. Let it dry and draw the pupils with the melted chocolate.

Biscotti farciti senza glutine natalizi
Biscotti farciti senza glutine natalizi

I’ll leave you to the video recipe:

Rudolph the reindeer gluten-free cookies

Gingerbread men gluten-free

Gluten-free marshmallow snowmen

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