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Chipssy Tenerife gluten-free


Chipssy Tenerife gluten-free – 

You are in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and you fancy a quick meal or a snack? Chipssy Tenerife is perfect for you.

Chipssy Tenerife gluten-free

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Address: Calle del Castillo, 78, 38003 Santa Cruz de Tenerife – Phone: 922 19 77 43

This small fast food is propriety of an Italian guy who moved a few years ago in Tenerife.chipssytenerifesenzaglutine01_2


The main dish is French fries with various sauces and, in addition, they make skewers and chicken legs: you can take the fries in a paper cone, alone or with added sauces and sausages, or as a side dish to meat.

They also prepare a potato cut into spiral skewered on a toothpick and fried, with or without sausage.


It’s all gluten-free, except for a few sauces, but are kept separate in dosing and there is no risk of contamination; just say to be celiac and you can choose the sauces in a special menu of gluten-free sauces.


We took 2 “combo” dishes with a skewer, French fries and spicy sauce and a cone with carrot sauce and chunks of sausage.

Chipssy Tenerife gluten-free

The fries are very good, with a bigger cut of the classic potato chips and with the peel, the skewer is good and the sauces are delicious, especially the spicy one. The portions are generous.

Chipssy Tenerife gluten-free

With two plates, an average cone of fries, a soft drink and a bottle of water we spent € 10.90.

NOTICE – The features of the facilities we report in our articles may vary from what our experience was like: change of management, closure, or other circumstances. In this case, they may no longer be able to provide (totally or partially) gluten-free foods, so we advise you to ask them in advance.

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