Meeting in Paris with Chiara of bacididamaglutenfree


Meeting in Paris with Chiara of bacididamaglutenfree – 

Not long ago we were in Paris and we had the pleasure of meeting Chiara and spending a few hours with her. She is a food & travel blogger (… but not only) who has decided to focus her attention on the “gluten-free” and all related activities that can provide dishes suitable for celiacs, just like her … and me 😉

Through her blog she is a remarkable success both in France and abroad, thanks to her constant commitment to finding gluten-free facilities and products: so let’s find out more about who is Chiara.

Meeting in Paris with Chiara of bacididamaglutenfree

We have known a few months ago, through Chiara‘s Instagram profile. We were looking for some interesting places to visit and review in Paris, so her tips have been a great base from which to start our “gluten-free” Parisian experience 🙂

Paris gluten-free

Chiara has found out to be celiac 20 years ago and, as for everyone, at first, it was not easy to get used to new flavors and consistency. In addition, until a few years ago, it wasn’t easy to find quality gluten-free products and the fact that they had to be bought exclusively at the drugstore, as medicines, wasn’t helpful from a psychological point of view.

For her, a gluten-free diet doesn’t necessarily have to be associated with the disease, but an alternative, different and equally good way to eat: “associating the “gluten-free” to a disease damage its image and make it difficult for those who, like me, have this disease. The vision that society has of Celiacs can be discriminative, creates suffering, and that’s what we can change together.”

Chiara of bacididamaglutenfree

The idea of not bothering to look for the same tastes of the food with gluten is the basis of her concept of “gluten-free”. It’s, therefore, a good idea to turn your attention to the novelty and diversity that is being proposed nowadays. Especially from those companies that have decided to use naturally gluten-free flours, trying to avoid the use of chemical ingredients that are harmful for health and flours that may have undergone certain “artificial” processes (such as sugar and fats used as early ingredients in recipes, chemical additives, such as fatty acid mono-triglycerides, present in many pasta of well-known Italian companies, or the use of gluten-free wheat starch).

Chiara of bacididamaglutenfree – Meeting her

We asked her how was born the idea and the name of her blog “bacididamaglutenfree”.

Chiara: The “Baci di dama” (lady kisses) were my favorite cookies when I was a child.

Do you like cooking? And did you do it before the diagnosis?

Chiara: Yes, I really like to cook and I did it before diagnosis, but actually discovering being celiac has increased even more my passion and now, I do it more than before and with more love!

How did you decide to move from Sorrento to Paris?

Chiara: I wanted a “new beginning” for my life and I had already lived in Paris: a city that has always been in my heart and I’m really in love with it. That is why I decided to come back here.

Why do you write the blog in English and French, but not in Italian?

Chiara: I used English because, living abroad, the basic language for me was English. It was the language that would open my doors to the world … one of my goals is this: to be able to travel without any problems and to make sure that my blog can be read and helpful to anyone. Only after a few months, I started to write in French, so that “bacididamaglutenfree” could easily be understood and known in France and above all in Paris … my present city.

Your blog and everything that revolves around it, was born immediately as a job?

Chiara: No. The idea of the blog was born spontaneously, like a flower that has sprouted in my life and which I take care of every day with passion.

Are you currently working or collaborating with other sites, blogs, or magazines?

Chiara: I work with Niepi, a French magazine treating the gluten-free. Also, in Italian, I collaborate with, for which I write reviews about gluten-free in Paris.

Chiara of bacididamaglutenfree – Food Tour

We’ve seen that you have a lot of ideas and projects, many of which are also presented through your blog. Your “Food Tour” seemed to be very interesting. What is it about?

Chiara: They are tours that I organize mainly in Paris (but also in Italy), during which I accompany tourists, but also professionals, in the facilities that offer gluten-free cuisine. The goal is to make the best of gluten-free: what are the persons that make it possible, meet them, eat what they are making and spend a good time together … an exchange of views and an enrichment in general. I started doing a “Food Tour” with a well-known American blogger who had known me through Instagram and I organized one week in Italy for the directors of the French magazine “Niepi“, with whom I’m working for more than a year: a beautiful project that has enriched me and continues to enrich me every day.

Gluten-free restaurant in Paris

If you need a “guide” to discover some special places where you can eat gluten-free in Paris, we would definitely recommend you to call Chiara: you will be assured to eat good gluten-free and healthy dishes but you will also have the opportunity to spend your time in the company of a really spontaneous and funny person!

Chiara of bacididamaglutenfree – Contacts


Another aspect of Chiara‘s work is to present, in the various Parisian restaurants and shops, Italian brands that produce gluten-free products. Its careful search for companies (especially Italians) that make a conscious use of ingredients and production methods it’s her main goal… an extra guarantee for those who love healthy eating.

Gluten-free cakes

Chiara of bacididamaglutenfree – Other ideas and projects

T-shirt project: is presented on your blog. What is it about?

Chiara: It’s a project that I started with a Fashion Designer friend. I personally love T-shirts. I find it a great way to share messages. So we decided to sell them so that we could produce others 🙂

Another very interesting and ambitious idea of Chiara is to participate in the production and distribution of a gluten-free and organic bread for sandwiches. The bread, made with sourdough and healthy and natural ingredients, is then used to make sandwiches that can be distributed to the various cafes in Paris, so as to allow those who follow a gluten-free diet to find anywhere fast and convenient meal to eat as street food, or during a break from work.

The hours spent with Chiara have really flown, we talked, laughed, ate, leaving us with a promise … I would say even more: a certainty … when we are back in Paris, it will be a pleasure to meet together again! 😉

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