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Celicioso Gluten Free Bakery in Marbella – Video


Celicioso Gluten Free Bakery in Marbella – 

Celicioso is a bakery-cafe-restaurant completely gluten-free: born in Madrid, where he has 2 stores, then they opened another in Marbella, Puente Romano area, where I have been.

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Celicioso Gluten Free Bakery Marbella


Address: Av. Bulevar Príncipe Alfonso de Hohenlohe – Phone: 952 85 94 02

Cakes – Cupcakes – CookiesSpecialitiesBreadBagels of Magi

You can also request personalized cakes and pastries. Official Website.

The bakery of Marbella is very nice, with an outdoor patio with tables.Celicioso Gluten Free Bakery in Marbella


I was there one morning for breakfast and once for lunch. For breakfast, we took 2 slices of cake (a carrot cake with cream cheese, and one with tiramisu cream), a chocolate cookie and a “palmera” covered with chocolate (is a sweet puff pastry shaped like a pretzel).


The best was the tiramisu cake, which had a nice flavor, the others were too sweet and fatty. The palmera was the worst, made with a buttery and tasteless puff pastry (luckily the chocolate on it was good); the chocolate chip cookie was too sweet and I wasn’t able to finish it; the carrot cake had a predominant taste of cinnamon, which I really don’t like.

Along with cakes, we took two cappuccinos, not bad, although they were flavored with a little of cinnamon.

In total, we spent € 19.80: they aren’t cheap, but on average with gluten-free products, moreover the place is in an area of hotels and luxury houses, so it is “aligned” with that type of customer.


I also bought few other things to take away:

a chocolate cupcake with meringue on top (€ 3.20), that wasn’t good; a chocolate brownie (€ 3.50), good, even if a little too sweet;


a Nutella “alfajor” (€ 1.50), very good: pretty much a shortbread cookie with Nutella inside (the pastry had a predominant flavor of corn flour).celicioso_alfajor

In short, the place is really cute and comfy, boys and girls serving at the counter and the tables are friendly and nice, but the cakes aren’t very good (as well my husband didn’t like them), in general too sweet and buttery. However, the reviews of this bakery are, for the most part, very positive, so it may be that it hasn’t met my personal taste. Even Celicioso Madrid has reviewed more than excellent.


I came back for lunch to try the “salty” dishes and I must say that it was the right decision!

We took the “healthy” pasta, a cheeseburger and eggs Benedict, all really good.


The pasta (very good) was with cherry tomatoes, nuts, asparagus, olive oil, basil, and garlic. The sauce was good, delicate, with perhaps a bit too much garlic 😉

The cheeseburger had a really good bread, crunchy and flavorful; good also the filling (simple, with hamburger, cheese and a slice of tomato), sided by a portion of french fries, very good.



Eggs benedict were put on a slice of bread each, with a slice of bacon and hollandaise sauce; also this was a very good dish. The bread were two slices of lightly toasted white bread and they looked like those of the brand Schär.


Before ordering they served us raw carrots with a delicious cheese sauce.


So I have to say that the lunch dishes are promoted with flying colors!


To drink we took 2 bottles of water (75 cl each); the bill was € 39.50, which with the tip was € 45.00. In Spain, the tip, about 15%, is practically mandatory, since the service isn’t charged.



Absolutely recommended stopping here for lunch or a snack!



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