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Celiac disease – Informations

Celiac disease – Information

Do you want to know what celiac disease is? What are the symptoms and how to get a correct diagnosis? How to handle it? What we are talking about when we talk about “gluten-free diet“?

In this section of “Vivere Senza Glutine” you’ll find the answers you are looking for.

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Topics on Vivere Senza Glutine:

10 Tips for your gluten-free travels   ***Coming soon***

4 doubts about the gluten-free diet: the most frequent questions among newly diagnosed celiacs

5 controversial products in Italy: they are gluten-free products? 

Celiac Disease – Symptoms

Celiac disease diagnosis and treatment   ***Coming soon***

Cross Contamination with Gluten – 1 of 2   ***Coming soon***

Cross Contamination with Gluten – 2 of 2   ***Coming soon***

Follow-up for celiac disease diagnosis in Italy   ***Coming soon***

Gluten-free book: 5 books about Celiac Disease

Gluten-free cookbooks: 6 recipe books to start

Celiac disease in numbers in Italy and worldwide

Gluten-free diet   ***Coming soon***

What is the “gluten”?   ***Coming soon***

What is “Celiac disease”?   ***Coming soon***



Celiachia info - Vivere Senza Glutine

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