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Coffee Zabaglione

Coffee Zabaglione –  Easy to make for a delicious and “foamy” dessert. This recipe is naturally gluten-free.

Gluten-free yogurt tiramisu

Gluten-free yogurt tiramisu –  The gluten-free yogurt tiramisu is a lighter version of the traditional tiramisu with mascarpone cheese: of course, the taste isn’t the…

Gluten-free coffee mousse

Gluten-free coffee mousse –  I love all sweets with coffee and this mousse is really good 🙂 

Gluten-free coffee ice cream

Gluten-free coffee ice cream –  I love all the desserts with coffee, but above all the ice cream, perfect with the taste of the meringue.

Cups of two chocolate creams

Cups of two chocolate creams –  I took the recipe of the creams from the book of the pastry chef Maurizio Santin: “I dolci di Maurizio…