Burger King gluten-free in Spain: which are the gluten-free options


Burger King gluten-free in Spain – 

Spain offers a wide choice of fast-food chains offering gluten-free options: there isn’t always the chance and the time to look for a restaurant that offers a gluten-free menu, so fast-food restaurants, located at every corner of the street, are a great resource for a quick meal.

In Spain, Burger King offers two gluten-free menus for all its customers, in collaboration with the Spanish Celiac Disease Association.

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Vivere Senza Glutine

Burger King gluten-free in Spain

The gluten-free menus offered by Burger King are two: one with a Hamburger and the other with a Cheeseburger. Both options are always served with salad and Coke at a price of € 4.95.

Official website.

Burger King gluten-free in Spain

The bread is heated in a microwave, covered with a special container, and the burger is composed in a place separate from the handling of bread or other with gluten.

The hamburger is wrapped with a letter “G” marked above.

gluten-free menu at Burger King

Gluten-free hamburger at Burger King Spain

Burger King’s gluten-free burger is really good, both as stuffing and as bread. The bread is soft and tasty. I liked this more than McDonalds’ one (although are both very good).

Gluten-free hamburger at Burger King Spain

Unfortunately, French fries are not guaranteed for cross-contamination, so we give you a tip: since most of the time, both Burger King and McDonald, are placed close to each other, you can buy the French fries at McDonald’s (guaranteed!) and eat them with the excellent Burger King hamburger 😉

NOTICE – The features of the facilities we report in our articles may vary from what our experience was like: change of management, closure, or other circumstances. In this case, they may no longer be able to provide (totally or partially) gluten-free foods, so we advise you to ask them in advance.

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5 commenti

  1. Colin Umpleby ·

    Just had gluten free burger from Burger King at Alicante airport. First burger whilst out in four years, tasted really good, now to try and find one in UK.

    • Christine Winstanley ·

      I had a gluten free cheese bugger for this place and was violently ill
      So I would never have it again
      I’ve gluten free for 35 years and only had bad flare ups until then
      It was that bad I nearly called the doctor out
      So I would like know for sure if it actually gluten free because guess it’s not

      • Viveresenzaglutine ·

        Hi, I think they gave you a regular burger for mistake. They made safe gf menu (burger + salad) in collaboration with the Spain celiacs association (FACE). If you had a so strong reaction I think it was a burger with gluten ☹️

  2. Malcolm ·

    My wife had a Gluten free burger king and said it was great, this was in Barcelona

  3. Jen ·

    Any gf veggie options yet please?

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