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We operate from many years in Web & Digital Marketing for companies, facilities, bloggers and professionals who deal, more or less directly, with gluten-free.
Glusearch Business
We work with many venues throughout Europe, establishing a direct relationship with each of them, so we can fully understand their reality and their different needs.
What is Glusearch
Become part of our team, updating your account dedicated to your facility on Glusearch: inside the reserved area for companies, businesses and professionals, you can enjoy all our benefits, our experience, and you can count on a solid customer base interested on your products or services.
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Business services
We planned specific services dedicated to Companies, which will allow them to grow their brand and increase their authority online and beyond: promote products and services becomes easier and always very affordable.
The market development drove us to think bigger, supporting in their growth, even Franchisors of gluten-free.
Find out more details at the following links:
  • Business services
  • Franchising services
Extra Services
You can give your business an extra boost with our «Extra Services». These services are designed to be easily accessible, with low cost and big impact for your business.
Extra Services
Extra Services
Our Extra Services ensure a rapid online growth of the perceived value of services and products you offer: they are available to businesses and facilities who deal with gluten-free, such as Pizzerias, Restaurants, Ice cream parlors, Hotels, B&B, Bakeries, Pastry shops, but also retail or online Companies, Ecommerce and Bloggers.
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