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Hi, we are Eugenia and Oscar, I’m celiac and my husband no 🙂

Chi siamo - Vivere Senza Glutine

I have been diagnosed with celiac disease when I was 11 years old, but I’ve been sick since the first time I ate something with gluten. In 1976, celiac disease was virtually unknown and my first diagnosis was of “simple” malabsorption.

After 3 years of very limited diet, it was devoid of gluten, but also a lot of other foods (those granted were just over a dozen in all!), I was declared “cured”… 🙁

In the following years, having reintroduced gluten into my diet, I continued having problems. This until 1986 when, thanks to the proper analysis (and relative biopsy gastroscopy), I was definitively diagnosed with Celiac disease.

At the time, there were very few gluten-free products, and virtually no one knew what Celiac disease was about: it was obviously unthinkable to be able to find restaurants with gluten-free options or that knew how to handle contamination properly.

La storia della mia vita!

With my experience, I saw enormous improvements in the lifestyle of celiac and rarely, now, there are problems in managing my condition: both at home and on a trip.

When I met Oscar in 1995, he had never heard of this disease before, and he had to learn how to handle it, just like all relatives and friends of celiac subjects.

We worked together, until a few years ago, in our comic bookstore and, at the same time, as computer programmers.

Being able to work through computers, we decided to give up our shop and spend part of the year traveling to Europe with our RV.

Can you travel with Celiac disease?

Yes, of course!

Over the years, we have tried many places that offer gluten-free foods, and now we have even more the opportunity to “touch with hands” how Celiacs lives in the various countries and try out the most varied gluten-free places and products.

For your travels and in your everyday life, download Glusearch now, the best app for searching for gluten-free venues and facilities around the World!

Vivere Senza Glutine

In our blog you will find numerous tips, ideas and lots of reviews of places suitable for those who need to follow a gluten-free diet. We will try to include videos to let you “touch” the places we visited and the new ones we will discover together. We will talk about tasty food, ranging from classical, ethnic, regional, creative and alternative tastes.

Oh mio dio... Avete un menù senza glutine!

And that dish that I liked so much?

Often the “problem” for celiacs is not only eating out of the home but also being able to repeat at home the food that we particularly liked in the past… on you will find a section containing many recipes: from simpler to more complex dishes.

For those who have recently begun to follow a gluten-free diet and often find themselves having to eat packaged products that sometimes do not reflect the tastes they had used to, the best solution is to make them at home, thus getting foods that are certainly healthier and often as good as the “original” ones.

Do you really know what Celiac disease is?
What foods can you eat?
And how to handle contamination?

Among our posts you will find information and dissemination articles on the subject: they will be able to help you and support you to deal with life away from gluten!

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, you’ll always be updated with the latest news, about the places visited in Europe and around the world, you will also find the reviews of gluten-free products and any other experiences 🙂

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