1950 American Diner with gluten-free menu – Video


1950 American Diner with gluten-free menu

Who didn’t love “Happy Days” and “Back to the Future”? Who wouldn’t like to be catapulted in the America of 50s?

1950 American Diner is a chain of American 50’s style restaurants, where you will find a rich gluten-free menu and where, for a few hours, you will be able to return back in time 🙂

1950 American Diner with gluten-free menu


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Here the restaurants in Italy

We have been to Calenzano’s restaurant in Via Vittorio Emanuele, 40 (near Florence).

The places are really pretty, America’s 50s style and the waiters wear the clothes of the era (the girls serve on roller skates 🙂 ).

1950 American Diner with gluten-free menu

1950 American Diner with gluten-free menu

The gluten-free menu has a rich selection of dishes (click on the pictures to enlarge them):









We took a Juri’s potato, a burger, and a burrito. The Juri’s potato, very good, is a baked potato with melted cheese.

The BBQ burger with a burger, melted cheese, bbq sauce, tomato, salad, onion and french fries: great.

A “Texas burrito” with chicken, melted cheese, vegetables, with a side dish of french fries with melted cheese on top: good, especially the chips.

For dessert, we took a donut with chocolate icing, great,

and fried sweet potatoes with Nutella, really delicious.

For all, with a Coke and water, we spent € 39.00.

More gluten-free places in Florence:

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